Benefits Using Accurate Online

Benefits Using Accurate Online will be presented in this paper. ACCURATE is accounting software developed in accordance with the accounting principles. And transaction recording standards in accordance with PSAK (Statement of Financial Accounting Standards). In practice, the bookkeeping method in most companies is the same. Therefore ACCURATE can be applied well in most SME companies, regardless of the type of business field.

Accurate Online a Cloud based accounting software to help you business owners in managing bookkeeping and corporate finance. Enjoy the ease and access of Cloud Accounting using Accurate Online, your reliable trust accounting software now performs in the form of web applications, so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime without any installation. Also supported with modern and up-to-date cloud infrastructure to ensure the speed of access and security of your database. And can be integrated with other applications through the Accurate Online Public API.

You can also get the best data privacy by managing AOL databases in your own corporate infrastructure using Accurate Online Private Cloud.

  • Cost Rp 200.000 / database / month
  • Cost of 20,000 / additional user access / month
  • Price Rp 25.000.000 for private cloud
  • Prices do not include training / training / database setting help

Main Advantage of Accurate Online

Approval (Approval)

The authorization feature of the transaction submitted by the user to another user with higher authority, for example a purchasing staff member who requests approval to the purchasing department head for the purchase order transaction.

Employee, Payroll Registration and Employee Income Tax

Accurate can be used to record employees, record employee salaries, to print pay slips.

Supports Tax Calculations in Indonesia

This feature allows the calculation of PPh 21, PPh 23, PPh 4 paragraph 2, PPh 22, PPh 15, and VAT automatically and can be integrated with e-Invoice application from the Director General of Taxes.

Branch company

This feature is useful for those of you who have business units of different locations, but wants to keep them in a single database. Such monitoring includes restrictions on users accessing, numbering transactions up to each branch’s financial statements.

Cash / Bank Transfer

Features that serves to record the movement of money or funds from one cash / bank account to another cash / bank account.

Stock Opname Inventory

Features that work to make the process of hospitalization (adjustment between physical stock with system records). With this feature users can easily record the process of the hospitalization of the hospital.

Assets Per Location

This feature allows you to know the fixed assets owned by the company, especially if the company has many locations. For example, a vehicle’s fixed asset is currently in which location, or history before it is moved from where, on this feature you can find out the information.

Load Registration

This feature enables accounting staff to record actual expenses such as telephone or electricity charges, and then make a record of repayment after the realization of the payment.


This feature allows users to know the current state of the company handled, using the widgets that have been provided. For example widgets on Income Statements, Bestsellers for Sale, and some other widgets needed.


This feature allows users to better collaborate between one part with another part, because with the calendar feature, users can immediately see what activities will and is being done by a section.

Sales Target

This feature serves to determine the sales target of the product being sold. Sales targets can be made based on quantity, category of goods, salesman or period. Sales targets can also be specified for all branches or just specific branches as per company needs.

Mobile Application Support

Get the ease of viewing and searching data to approve transaction through Mobile Accurate Online Application.

Purchases, Sales, Ledgers, Inventory, Fixed Assets, Job Costing

Accurate Online supports all the basic needs of your company’s Accounting records, from Purchases to Fixed Assets (Fixed Assets) and Job Costing (Orders).

Cloud base, Online Anywhere, Anytime, No Installation

This feature is useful for you who want to be able to access data without any time, place, and installation obstacles. Because with you having a browser connected to the internet, you can access the data you need.

All New Print Out Designer

It is the only Indonesian Cloud Based – Accounting Software that has a built-in designer that makes it easy to create more dynamic and attractive print designs

Tax Calculation & Reporting

Now AOL is able to handle some of the following tax transactions: PPh 21 (Employee / Vendor), PPh 23 (Purchase / Sales), VAT, PPh 4 paragraph 2, and can already be integrated with taxation software such as: e-Invoice, e-PPh 21/26

Partial Item Transfer

At the time of transfer of goods, can be received partially and gradually. This is to accommodate the needs where at the time of delivery there are items left behind, so sent again at different times.

Non-Active & Re-Activation Database

This feature allows users to reactivate Accurate Online databases that were previously deactivated within a period of 180 days. This feature makes it easy for users to access the database again when needed at any time.

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