Taiwan Fleece Plain Jacket

Taiwan Fleece Plain Jacket

Taiwan Fleece Plain Jacket is a textile made from woll or Cotton which has a soft feather inside so it can absorb sweat. Having good quality, the material is quite thick and not hairy quickly.


1. Material          : Taiwan Fleece
2. Size                : M
3. Chest width   : 51 cm
4. Jacket length : 61 cm
5. Weight            : 250 grams
6. Color              : light gray
7. Brand             : Casvaro
8. Model             : zipper hoddie

The material is smooth and does not make you overheated when using it because it contains about 70% Cotton and 30% Polyester. The color does not fade and the material does not shrink even though it is often washed. Has a pocket pocket on both sides. Hoddies or kupluk are equipped with fastening straps. Very comfortable to wear by both men and women (unisex).

Basically zipper hooddie is a hoodie sweater that can be opened from the front using a zipper. Commonly used as a light sportswear such as jogging, running, or gymnastics. Jackets with this model have become one of the clothes that need to be owned, because they are easily combined with other clothes. And is useful for protecting the body in cold weather.

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