Zahrah Aznii Glowing Beauty Package

Zahrah Aznii Glowing Beauty Package

Zahrah Aznii Glowing Beauty package is a facial skin care product created specifically to provide nutrition, restore moisture, disguise spots, and protect facial skin from UV light. Zahrah Aznii cosmetic products are suitable for Indonesian skin.

Product Package Description:

  1. Glowing Day Cream, No.BPOM : 18180104992, weight = 20 mg
  2. Glowing Night Cream, No.BPOM : 18180104993, weight = 20 mg
  3. Toner Beauty, No.BPOM : 18181206491, weight = 60 ml
  4. Natural Soap, No.BPOM : 18180500625, weight = 60 mg
  5. Price Rp.425.000.-

Glowing Day Cream

Contains Alpha Arbutin which is useful for:

  • Brighten uneven skin tone
  • Makes skin feel moist and not dry
  • Make our skin look brighter evenly, fading black spots on the face
  • Safe because it does not cause side effects on facial skin.

Glowing Night Cream

Contains Kojic Acid which is useful for:

  • Fade signs of hyper-pigmentation, such as acne scars, aging spots, spots, dark circles under the eyes, and black spots
  • Safe without negative side effects, such as exfoliation
  • Brighten and dry the skin evenly
  • Can be used for ages 17 and above
  • Helps brighten the skin, but also deals with skin damage, especially those caused by sunlight, eliminates wrinkles and black spots, and helps overcome acne problems

Toner Beauty

Toner Beauty also contains Kojic Acid which is useful for:

  • Effectively provides moisture that is needed by the skin and refreshes the face
  • Cleanse the oil and the rest of the make-up on the face
  • Can lighten facial skin
  • Disguise spots on the face
  • Shrink pores

Natural Soap

Facial soap containing Aloe Vera is useful for:

  • Remove dirt on the skin of the face
  • Make facial skin look brighter and firmer
  • Maintain the skin’s moisture naturally so the skin becomes smooth and fresh
  • Shrink pores
  • Caring for acne-prone skin
  • Able to disguise black spots
  • Just use it when taking a shower to keep the skin moist

Early Product Birth

Starting from a sense of concern and anxiety from the owner and Director of the Zahrah Aznii Brand, Prisiani Natasha, who knows that the Indonesian people need the certainty of healthy and safe cosmetic products to be used. Based on this conclusion, he dared to build Zahrah Aznii to be marketed in Indonesia.

I am concerned to see many cosmetic products that contain hazardous ingredients, therefore I am determined to present a good product and can make the wearer have beautiful, healthy and safe facial skin,” Prisiani Natasha said.

The process of the birth of these four products, the Zahrah Aznii Glowing Beauty Package, takes a long time. Starting from researching cosmetic ingredients that are safe for the skin, designating the best factory for the production process without damaging the nutritional content and good packaging selection. Then waiting for the permission of BPOM (Drug and Food Supervisory Agency) of the Indonesian Ministry of Health. Now, Zahrah Aznii has obtained marketing authorization for this facial skin care product.

Zahrah Aznii’s Vision

Zahrah Aznii’s vision is to make every human being have healthy facial skin through cosmetics. With the company’s mission of providing healthy and high-quality cosmetics to be the best superior products in Indonesia and the world and continue to develop.

Zahrah Aznii Glowing Beauty package with this Zahrah Aznii Brand has meaning in every word, Zahrah which means flower, and Aznii which means beauty. For Zahrah Aznii “Healthy Skin is for every body“. Everyone has the right to have healthy skin and feel safe when using cosmetics.

Victor Hosan, as Commissioner Zahrah Aznii added, Zahrah Aznii was presented to the community, resulting from a process of hard work to be able to produce safe products for its users in Indonesia and later to foreign countries.

“All of these products are the basic foundation in building this cosmetic brand in Indonesia. And not only here, the next product development research continues, and will gradually be inaugurated and soon circulated. “Blue print Zahrah Aznii has been prepared for business in the long term,” said Victor Hosan.


The natural ingredients used are natural secrets such as Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, and Aloe Vera, which are present in this product, which gives the power to work optimally on each skin of the wearer’s face.

“I feel happy to be able to feel the benefits of this product because it is safe, healthy without side effects so that it makes my facial skin look more beautiful, healthy and always look fit”, said loyal user Zahrah Aznii, Fadillah Putri.

Signs of Early Aging

This Zahrah Aznii Glowing Beauty package has the advantage of fighting the signs of premature aging of the skin. In addition to fading black spots or spots on the face, it also minimizes pores and removes wrinkles until the skin will look soft. You can feel how your facial skin looks more moist, fresh and radiant.

Early aging is rather worrying for women even for men because facial skin is no longer bright and looks young. Some feel their confidence diminishes. To avoid this, quite a lot of women are trying to deal with premature aging. Whether using expensive facial care products, planting threads, and even performing plastic surgery on the face, both domestically and abroad.

There are several signs of premature aging that are easily visible, namely:

  1. Start the appearance of black spots or facial spots due to sun exposure, cellular telephone radiation, heredity and lack of vitamin intake.

2. Facial skin is too dry and arid, both due to sunlight, smoking and stress.

3. The presence of fine lines around the eyes and dark circles of eye bags due to a decrease in collagen and elastin on the skin.

4. Facial skin begins to wrinkle, relax and lose its elasticity, including other body parts due to unhealthy eating patterns and lack of sleep.

5. The cheeks that were chewy and fresh, began to appear down or the volume of the cheeks that seemed to be empty.

6. Facial skin looks dull, rough, darkening and continues for a long time.

7. Often looks tired even though it doesn’t do much activity because of high sugar levels and stinging inflammation.

8. The presence of small spots on the face with the same color as the skin color, which is not caused by zits or blackheads. This is caused by exposure to sunlight or hard facial care products.

9. Facial skin becomes thinner and brittle so that when injured it becomes difficult to cure and takes a long time.

10. Facial pores look great because of the accumulation of dead skin cells that are not cleaned so that they clog the pores and trigger acne.

11. Changes in skin color due to exposure to sunlight and also air pollution.

Trigger Factors for Early Aging

Actually there are many factors that trigger aging, some of which you can’t even avoid. With an increasing age, you will have fine lines that appear on your face and begin to lose youth. Facial skin starts to thin out and dry out. Factors in the body, namely Genes, have a big influence on these changes. The medical term is “intrinsic aging”. While aging caused by external factors or “extrinsic aging” can come from the environment and lifestyle. This Zahrah Aznii Glowing Beauty package can help fight the signs of premature aging.

Some of the factors that trigger premature aging include:

  1. Sunlight. Sun exposure is a major external risk factor.

2. Pollution. Especially in urban areas, enough free radicals can damage the skin.

3. Smoke. Hazardous chemicals and nicotine contained in cigarette smoke make an increase in the amount of free radicals that are attached to the skin.

4. Unhealthy diet and food intake.

5. Excessive workload that results in stress and lack of sleep.

6. Others such as gravity, facial movement, obesity, and sleeping position.

Tips to Prevent Early Aging

We can prevent premature aging that happens to us. Here will be given a few things we can do to help deal with premature aging of the facial skin, namely:

1. Protect the skin from direct sunlight.

We recommend that your face and body skin be protected from direct sun exposure. Maybe we really work in an open field or we are recreation on the beach. We can look for shady places, wear clothing that protects the skin, and can use moisturizing creams and sunscreens such as Glowing Day Cream.

2. Use self-tanner products instead of sunbathing, if you want to have dark skin.

Sometimes someone who is white and pale, wants to have darker skin. Self-tanner products can change skin color to tan / dark without the need to bask in direct sunlight. Shaped lotions, creams, or sprays that contain DHA which reacts with proteins on the surface of the skin, causing the skin to darken for 2 to 4 days. Whereas if we sunbathe during the day in direct sunlight, tanning beds, or tanning equipment. There are harmful UV rays that can play a role in premature aging of the skin.

3. Quit smoking.

Cigarette smoke which contains very many dangerous chemicals, is very damaging to the health of the body as a whole. In addition, it can accelerate the aging of facial skin, causing wrinkles and dullness on the skin.

4. Healthy and balanced diet.

Several published studies state that fruits and vegetables can prevent premature aging and provide overall health. While eating too much food that contains high levels of sugar or refined carbohydrates can accelerate the aging process.

5. Reduce alcohol consumption.

Alcoholic beverages are not good for the skin and body because they dehydrate and damage them. Consuming it excessively can make us look older.

6. Exercise regularly.

Adequate and regular exercise can promote blood circulation and increase the body’s immune system. This makes the body healthy and facial skin and body become fresher.

7. Clean facial skin gently.

Air pollution that sticks to our bodies and facial powder / cosmetics needs to be cleaned when we have returned home. When we clean the skin of the face and body by rubbing it too rough or strong, it can cause irritation and even injury to the skin. Even though irritation is something that can accelerate premature aging. Therefore we need to cleanse the body especially the facial skin slowly and gently.

8. Clean your face after sweating.

Sweat contains salts and other substances as a result of removing metabolic waste. Especially when we wear helmets when driving in the heat of the sun, the amount of sweat that comes out is quite a lot. Sweat water can irritate facial skin. We need to clean the face immediately after sweating.

9. We can use moisturizing cream.

Moisturizing cream contains liquid and keeps moisture on the surface of the skin so that it can provide freshness and a younger face look. We can use Glowing Day Cream during the day and Glowing Night Cream at night.

10. Stop using cosmetics that cause pain.

When we use a cosmetic or facial skin care product that causes our skin to become sore, we need to stop using it immediately. Because there has been irritation of the facial skin. Because irritation can cause facial skin to become injured and accelerate premature aging. The Zahrah Aznii Glowing Beauty package is a facial skin care product that has a certificate from BPOM and has passed the test from the government agency. Zahrah Aznii cosmetic products are suitable for Indonesian skin.

Types of Facial Care

Nowadays, how to do facial care and maintain beauty is more practical, and does not need to be a hassle. With the development of technology in the field of facial care, the beauty industry has produced a product that is more innovative, creative and practical for users. Various salons and beauty clinics have offered a variety of facial care technologies.

The following types of facial treatments are often used:

1. Microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion is a facial skin care technology using micro crystals to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliation treatment encourages collagen production which is able to restore facial skin elasticity.

2. Radio Frequency.

Radio Frequency Treatment (RF) is a new technology for removing wrinkles on the face and forming cheeks to make them look more supple. This is a facial treatment process by stimulating collagen Lifting Effect and melanin the skin, which makes facial skin look tighter.

3. Modern Facial.

Modern facials performed by salons or beauty clinics use special tools. The process of cleaning this facial skin only takes about 20 to 30 minutes. And it ends with a face mask. Sometimes it is added to the head massage which makes us more relaxed.

4. Totok Face.

Totok face is an action to suppress certain points on the face, with the aim of smoothing the circulation of blood on the face and relaxing the facial skin so that it feels more supple. It can also relieve various complaints of headaches.

5. Face mask.

This method of facial care is still used today. Start by using a traditional homemade mask to use a new formula containing collagen and charcoal.

6. Face Cream.

Using a face cream is a practical way to treat your face. Facial conditions at day and night are different. During the day the facial skin will be exposed to more sunlight and UV rays that can cause black spots. The Glowing Day Cream contains Alpha Arbutin which moisturizes the skin and fades facial spots. At night, the skin rests when we sleep so that the active ingredients of the cream more easily enter the skin. Glowing Night Cream contains Kojic Acid which is useful for fading acne scars and removing wrinkles.

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