How to find out MAC Address PC or laptop can be done with several steps. I will explain a bit about the MAC Address (Media Access Control Address) which is the network address that is implemented in the data-link layer in the seven layers of the OSI model, representing a particular point in the network. MAC addresses are unique addresses that have a 48-bit length that identifies a computer, an interface in a router, or any other point in the network. MAC Address is formed on 12 digit hexadecimal number, sometimes called physical address, local MAC administration network or Ethernet address.

In a computer, the MAC address is set to connect the computer to the network. Generally can not be changed because it has been inserted into ROM. But there are network cards that allow users to change the MAC address, although this is not recommended. Because in case of double MAC address, there will be conflict and both can not be recognized by others, so it must be unique. The first 24 bits indicate who the card is, and the remaining 24 bits indicate the card number.

Here are the steps we take:

1.Right-click the network image and select it OPEN NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER.


3. Double click the ETHERNET 2 image to see the MAC Address of the ethernet device.

4. Show window ETHERNET 2 STATUS. Then we click the DETAILS button.

5. Here we can see the MAC Address in the PHYSICAL ADDRESS field of the Ethernet device.

6. If we want to see the MAC Address wifi device, then we go back to step number 3. And choose the WI-FI device.

7. Another way of knowing the MAC Address is with the command prompt.
Right-click the START button at the bottom left of the monitor screen, then click the RUN button.

8. In the OPEN field, type CMD. Then click the OK button.

9. A command prompt window appears. Then type IPCONFIG /ALL

10. Here we can see the MAC Address of all devices on the pc-laptop.
Visible on the column PHYSICAL ADDRESS.

11. That way How to find out MAC Address PC or laptop. Thank you for your attention.

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