Bag Transparent Import Korean model

Bag Transparent Import Korean model

Bag Transparent Import Korean model. Is a good quality transparent imported bag at affordable prices and is quite comfortable to use in various events. Semi-premium quality fashion bags using a Korean model inspired by this world designer that looks minimalist and makes the appearance look more fashionable.

Product specifications :

1. Material Bag using Leather + Polyester

2. Weight 1 kg

3. New and good condition

4. Price Rp.180.000,-

In the Spring 2018 Fashion Show, with the Gorges du Verdon waterfall as its backdrop, the famous fashion house Chanel helped bring the trend of colorful transparent bags. After previously trending a few years ago, this model was again promoted. This transparent bag looks interesting after the Tokyo Fashionistas wear it again. For women who don’t have it yet, you don’t need to be confused saving to buy expensive designer bags because transparent bags can be found on e-commerce.

Bags that use Leather and Polyester are also the right choice in the rainy season. Because it will not be a problem if suddenly exposed to water. Even the outer bag is easier to clean. This bag model can be paired with any outfit. Besides being suitable worn by women who have a lot of activities. This transparent bag looks so eye catchy. Suitable worn with feminine style and present to campus and to the office.

Because the outer bag is a transparent bag aka clear, it can be combined with various styles and colors of clothing. If you want, you can also show off unique and funny accessories. In 2019, more and more transparent bag models are popping up because they are attractive and are still preferred. There is a choice of transparent bags equipped with inner bags so that valuables and personal items are not visible. There are currently a variety of various models and forms of transparent bags, including :

Transparent Bag Clutch Bag Model

Clutch bag is a box shaped handbag. A transparent clutch model bag with a simple model can make a maximum appearance. While using a fancy and sparkling model, it can be used to go to parties. When viewed from the right size if carried with one hand and bag material that is not too slippery, then this model bag is relatively compact and practical. Because it only loads important items such as wallets, lipsticks, cellphones and money. These tiny bags are also sometimes used as gifts. There is also a transparent clutch bag model that has a chain that functions as a rope.

Transparent Bag Sling Bag Model

This transparent bag sling bag model is quite popular too. Even the famous fashion house Chanel from France also issued a collection of transparent bags. This transparent bag model of sling bag has the right size, not too large so that it is practical and remains fashionable when used everyday. When carrying a gadget that is useful when hanging out. Some small sling bags or sling bags on the market are already equipped with chain straps. This makes your appearance look a little more fashionable and can be used in various events.

Transparent Tote Bag Model Bag

Transparent bag tote bag model can be an alternative when you’re relaxed. With this model bag, we can load a lot of stuff and just carry it in one hand. If we often carry lots of things when traveling, a tote bag model can be the right choice. Especially when traveling and want to bring lots of souvenirs.

Some holders of well-known brands make this model bag specifically for shopping. We can show off groceries with bags that are stylish and certainly resistant to splashing water. Since the promotion of transparent bags on the runway stage at the fashion week event, the bag model that pretty much came out was a tote bag.

Transparent Bag Waist Bag Model

Waist bag is a bag that is usually worn around the waist and hips. There is also a shoulder to shoulder. It has a similarity to the sling bag model, but there are differences in its elongated shape. Transparent bags of waist bag are quite popular among fashionistas, from celebrities to millennial teenagers. This waist bag model is usually made of synthetic leather or canvas. Currently created by making it from transparent material. This makes our appearance different from the others so that it becomes the center of attention.

Tips for Choosing a Transparent Bag

There are things that need to be considered when using a transparent bag, especially if everyday we still travel using public transportation. Maybe we feel bad when the personal items that are brought out are visible from the outside, especially valuables. There are a few tips for that.

  • There is an inner pouch / bag.

We need a pouch to make us feel safer. But no need for all luggage to be put in a pouch. General items such as books and drinking bottles do not need to be put in the inner bag.

  • Choose pouch with matching colors.

Transparent bags with neutral colors like white will be suitable if added with colorful accessories. Try color matching pouches, for example bright colors, like red, yellow, and green, or pastel. You can also choose the same motif, which is usually sold in a set.

  • Separate according to type.

Smartphones, chargers and tablets should be included in one pouch. Cosmetics can be included in one pouch. Other accessories are combined into one pouch too.

  • Select the bag model that is tightly closed.

Transparent bags need to have a safe cover. Even if you don’t provide additional pouches, make sure your bag has zippers, buttons, and the like that can close the bag to the meeting, so that your luggage is kept awake.

How to Take Care of the Outside Transparent Bag

The outer transparent bag has slightly different treatments. Transparent bag outside that uses plastic material, can change color to yellow or fade if not treated. Some ways to treat transparent bags outside :

1. Clean the outer transparent bag regularly.

The easiest way to prevent transparent bags outside the color changing is to regularly clean it. If the outside bag is dusty, just use a soft cloth cloth or use a tissue. To clean the stain that is attached, use warm water mixed with a little soap. To keep the bag shiny, you can also use silicon wax or skin cream, then gently wipe it.

2. Store in a bag with silica gel.

We can store transparent bags in dusty bags or special bags, by adding silica gel to protect it from dust and moisture. So that our bags remain durable.

 3. Store in the shade.

Do not store transparent bags in hot areas. This can make the outer bag made of plastic fade and change color.

4. Take advantage of baking soda.

Excessive heat or stains can make the outer bag made of plastic rather yellow. We can use baking soda to eliminate this. Simply mix baking soda into water, then soak the outer transparent bag for a while. Gently brush the stain using a toothbrush.

5. Don’t keep the bag wet.

When a transparent bag is exposed to rain or after we clean the bag with water, we need to dry it. This prevents fungus from appearing on the bag. We can use soft cloth for that.

How to Take Care of the Transparent Inner Bag

Different bag materials require different treatments. We also need to pay attention to how to treat the inner transparent bag made of different materials. Below will also be presented how to treat bags made of various types of leather. Rachel Koffsky, a handbag specialist from Christie’s auction house, delivered a few tips.

  • Velvet bag (suede).

Velvet bags give a different appearance. Suede is basically made of cow leather, snake, crocodile, sheep or animal skin. Usually used as material for making bags, clothes, jackets, pants and shoes. Suede is the inner skin that is sown or often called young skin. Velvet bags have very soft and easily damaged material. Therefore, it is better not to come into contact with water or oil. To clean the dust that sticks, we can use a special brush velvet material or we can also use the softest toothbrush. To clean the stain attached, use a paper tissue or white pencil eraser.

  • Vintage leather bags (original).

The advantages of this material are in terms of strength. Many use cow leather as raw material. So that it is strong enough to carry heavy loads. Besides that it is also very durable. It’s just that old vintage leather bags are usually more prone to cracking. Therefore we need to rub it with a special skin conditioner. If the skin has already been cracked, bring it to a specialist leather bag so that it can be polished with special varnish.

  • Bags made from patent leather.

Patent leather is a skin that has a shiny surface. This makes the bag not susceptible to food and drink stains. Commonly known as patent leather. Made from cow leather, given a waterproof, protective base called acrylic. Patent leather has a slippery surface and is very easily scratched. The tight and closed pores make it safe and protected. Patent leather handbags are more resistant than ordinary leather bags, but the color is easily faded and tarnished. Use a cloth bag to store bags made from patent leather. If there are stains from patent leather, clean it with petroleum jelly or a little alcohol. After that, wipe the surface until it is completely dry.

  • Colored leather bags.

Colored leather bags have colors that fade faster if they are often in contact with sunlight. So we need to store it in the shade so it lasts longer. To clean the attached dust, we recommend using wet tissue. Rub it carefully so that the paint layer doesn’t peel off.

  • Bags with beads.

Bags with beads allow the bead to get stuck and loose, especially if it’s glued together only. Therefore, when we store it, we recommend that beads, accessories attached, and chains be wrapped first with tissue paper.

Top Models and Influencers Using It

There are enough top models and top influencers who own and make transparent bags as one of their bags. Adapted from the quibicle website, here are some of them :

  • Anastasia Siantar.

The top influencer in the world of fashion, also known as Anazsiantar, also tries to style its outfit with the use of transparent bags. In utilizing a transparent bag, Anastasia Siantar wears a small bag from Balenciaga and displays a combination of the two types of bags. Transparent bags specifically designed by Materialipstick are very attractive. With a simple design and shape that resembles a mini shopping bag, Anasziantar looks very fashionable and trendy.

  • Tasha Andiana.

This beauty junkie and fashion seeker is a professional makeup artist in the world of fashion and beauty. His transparent bag was obtained from a local store called Cintage in Bangkok, Thailand. Traditional elements also emanated from the design of transparent bags. One important note from Tasha Andiana: parts of the contents or objects carried must be organized in matching colored mini pockets that do not accentuate excessive patterns.

  • Sonia Eryka.

This top influencer chooses transparent bags with nets that show the contents of the bag. This shows the summer nuance that matches the tropical climate of our country. Sonia Eryka chooses very natural colors, namely soft brown that resembles the color of sand on the beach, combining it with a vintage-style outfit.

  • Eva Chen.

The top influencer Eva Chen has long been involved in the fashion world and Instagram. One of the inspiration given is the mix and match style that seems unique but looks very trendy and fashionable. Supported by a transparent bag from Edie Parker, her hobbies feature a netting concept that combines summer style with natural nuances and contemporary modern style.

  • Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande recently moved to West Chelsea. He was seen in the city wearing one of his oversized sweaters paired with matching white over-the-knee boots. While carrying a transparent bag model tote bag Herm├Ęs Kelly brand. An attractive appearance.

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