Bag Transparent Import model Korean 2214 Pink

Bag Transparent Import model Korean 2214 Pink

Bag Transparent Import model Korean 2214 Pink. Is a good quality transparent import bag with reasonable price and quite comfortable to use in various event. Fashion Bag with semi premium quality using Korean model inspired by this world designer impressed minimalist and make appearance look more fashionable.

Product Specifications:

  1. The 1st bag is a long rope
  2. Material Bag using Leather + Polyester
  3. Weight 1 kg
  4. Pink Color
  5. New and good condition
  6. Price Rp.180.000, –

In Fashion Show Spring 2018, with Gorges du Verdon waterfall in the background, the famous fashion house Chanel also brings with it the trend of colorful transparent handbags. Having previously been a trend in the past few years, this model is again promoted. This transparent bag looks interesting after the Fashionista Tokyo back wearing it. For women who do not have it yet, you should not be confused about saving money to buy expensive designer handbags because transparent handbags can be found in e-commerce.

Bags that use Leather and Polyester material is also the right choice in the rainy season. Because it will not be a problem if suddenly exposed to water. Even the outer bag becomes easier to clean. This bag model can be paired with any clothing. In addition to suitable worn by women who have a lot of activity. This transparent bag looks so eye catchy. Match worn with feminine style and to the present to the campus or to the office.

Bag Transparent Import model Korean 2214 Pink can also be purchased at TOKOPEDIA, SHOPEE and BUKALAPAK.

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