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Web design is a general term used to define how web content is displayed, usually sent to end users via the World Wide Web / internet. By using a web browser or web based software. The purpose of web design is to create a website – a collection of content including documents and applications that reside on a web server..

A website can be a collection of text, images, sound and other content, and can be interactive or static. Including graphic design, user experience design, user interface design, search engine optimization (SEO) to content creation.

Web pages can be static / still pages, or they can be programmed to move so as to produce web pages with the desired content or visual appearance. It depends on various factors, such as input from end users, input from website builders, or changes in the computing environment. (such as websites linked to databases).

Mengenal Web design

Web Design with user glasses

The marketing and communication designer of the website can identify what suits his target market. This could be a certain age group or culture. Thus the designer can understand the trends. Web design is different from web development (web developer), which is the actual coding that makes a website work. When you build a website, you need web design and web development.

Web Design takes care of the creative part of designing the website. From invisible ideas to visible designs. Web developers use designs from web designers and translate them into software languages. Then stored in web hosting so that it can be accessed via the internet network. Then displayed on the website. A user experience developer, or UX developer, is the person who makes your website user friendly. They have the technical skills as well as design skills to create attractive and easy-to-use websites.

A well-designed website is one that is capable of creating the unique experience visitors are looking for. Web designs that invite users to take specific actions. So that users are compelled to follow up with actions governed by your website. Whether registering, making purchases, opening an account, contacting you, or accessing more website pages.

Mengenal Web design

Designers can also understand the type of website they are designing, for example a business-to-business website strategy. May differ greatly from websites targeted at the general public such as retail or entertainment websites. Careful care can be taken to ensure that the overall design of a website includes clarity, accuracy of content and ease of use. The designer may also consider the reputation of the owner or business representing the site.

User understanding of a website often depends on the user experience.

This is related to the layout, directions and clear labeling of a website. How well users understand how they can interact may also depend on the interactive design of the site. If users find a website useful, they are more likely to continue using it. Users who are skilled and experienced in using websites, may find the website less comfortable to use. However, users with little experience are less likely to see a website’s strengths or weaknesses. Most of the user experience and interactive design is considered in creating a website.

Mengenal Web design

What needs to be considered:

  1. Good layout of objects and writing
  2. The action options given are self-explanatory for the user
  3. Use the CTA / Call to Action button.
  4. Images and text related to the purpose of the website. Use a text font for emphasis and a call to action.
  5. Responsive design that makes the website easy to view on any device such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC.
  6. Blog content and images are interrelated and of good quality to attract attention
  7. Balance between the amount of text and images
  8. Make sure the image file size is not too large (<100 KB) so that the website can be displayed for less than 3 seconds. The use of the AMP plugin is quite helpful
  9. Try every blog in accordance with SEO. One of them is using the Yoast SEO plugin which can help your blog appear on the first page of Google

At Terabit Komputer, in knowing Web design, a website will be created according to your business demands and needs.

Web Design Support Software

Web Design

In knowing Web design, one of the software that supports creating a website is WordPress. There are two types of WordPress, namely instant WordPress and WordPress install (CMS). You can use WordPress instant to create a blog directly from the wordpress site itself. You only need to register an account and design a website based on the standard template set by WordPress.

While the WordPress install (CMS) can be used to create a website by downloading and installing the application first. After that you can start designing the website. But you have more theme / template options provided. Both free and paid.

Visual Web Builder (WYSIWYG editor)

Web Design

This software can be used to visually edit websites. This WYSIWYG editor application can design websites practically and easily. Because it does not require basic knowledge of programming a website.

By utilizing this Visual Web Builder, you can create a professional website easily and quickly. For beginners who don’t know much about website programming techniques, you can try to take advantage of this Visual Web Builder.


KompoZer is an application for creating and designing websites by combining file management and meeting WYSIWYG criteria when editing web pages. To use it, you don’t need to know much about HTML, CSS, scripting and web coding. Some of the features offered are FTP site manager, Tabs, CSS editor, toolbar, markup cleaner, resize tables and others.

Although KompoZer hasn’t been updated in a while, it is still a useful web editor for beginners. This application works like a simple word processor. Simply enter text, format, and click various buttons to add links, insert tables, images and more.


Web Design

Notepad ++ is a text editor application that supports editing programming code that supports various programming languages such as CSS, PHP, HTML and so on. This website maker application is classified as lighter than other applications. A more complex text editor with additional functions compared to standard Notepad.

It has a clean and simple appearance without looking crowded even though it has many functions. Because the functions are grouped into the appropriate menus and some of them can be accessed through the main window.

Notepad++ has features including:

  1. Syntax highlighting will make it easier for you to read and understand the code.
  2. Code folding allows you to temporarily cover some areas of the code so you can focus on other areas being worked on.
  3. Auto-completion helps you enter code faster and more accurately.


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